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You have graduated. Now what ?

August 1, 2008

Kudos for having graduated with a BA in Education. It was tough enough going through practicum, projects and theories, but now you have a degree and are excited about the prospects of teaching in a fantastic school. Perhaps your dream is to work in a school that offers a vibrant environment where teachers are given space and latitude in implementing their own ideas or those they have learned and/or researched. Maybe you are not as confident at this stage and prefer to be shown the ropes in a school system where everything is pre-designed for you.

If you have good research skills and have made interesting contacts, you are best to email, mail, call and do whatever communication necessary to teach at your favorite school. Once there, do well, because in all likelihood the dream you had will likely be shattered by the harsh reality on the ground, or it may not. Chances are though that you would be moving to another school, for personal reasons or otherwise, and you need the right credentials, including a clean sheet with management.

Another good idea is to find a good recruitment service. Rearden’s service can be of help in matching your profile with the desired institution. We not only help Middle Eastern students teach in the West, but the reverse is quite true as well. Lucrative opportunities are springing up in the Arab world, a region thirsty for quality educators well trained or versed in Western methods of instruction and management.

The world is your classroom. Be wise with your choices.

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